Thieves steal €13,000 after conning bank customer who just withdrew the cash in Spain’s Costa Blanca

A bank customer was conned over ‘dropped’ money in an Elche street before two crooks stole €13,000 from him.

A 52-year old woman with a string convictions for similar offences has been arrested by the Policia Nacional, with the search continuing for her accomplice.

The trick to get the money is a ‘tried and tested’ criminal con that fooled the Elche bank customer.

He was spotted inside the bank by a ‘scout’ who watched him make a large cash withdrawal.

The ‘scout’, who is also yet to be arrested, phoned the woman and her male accomplice with news of a possible target.

They followed the cash-laden man back to his car and knocked on his window.

The woman said that some of his €5 bills had fallen onto the ground.

The victim got out of the car and picked up several of the notes, assisted by the woman who put them there in the first place.

Her male accomplice looked inside the vehicle to find out where the ‘mark’ had put all of his withdrawn money, which he then stole.

The duo left and when the grateful man got back into his car to add the €5 notes to the €13,000 in the glove compartment, he realised he been both robbed and conned.

The Policia Nacional are trying to find out if other people suffered the same fate in Elche, courtesy of the tricksters.

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