This ‘crowds-free’ resort in northern Spain with Gaudi buildings, pristine beaches and pre-historic caves is a must visit in 2024 – according to the Sun

THE north of Spain is seeing a surge in interest from British and other European tourists who have grown tired of the typical holiday hotspots. 

Many holidaymakers are also looking for less scorching temperatures in the summer, following last year’s often unbearable heatwaves in the likes of Andalucia and the Costa del Sol. 

Enter Cantabria, the northernmost region in Spain which is known for its beautiful green pastures and pristine beaches. 

Pristine: The beaches of Comillas in Cantabria (CREDIT: Turismo Cantabria)

Over the weekend, British tabloid The Sun heaped praise on the little-known town of Comillas.

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The coastal town is filled with charming buildings, including the Capricho, built by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi in 1885.

The article reveals how the town is known as ‘one of the most beautiful’ in the Cantabria region. 

It adds:”However, Comillas is far from just a city full of elegant buildings, and also has a coastline and a picturesque city centre as highlights.

‘Crowds-free’: Comillas in Cantabria (CREDIT: Turismo Cantabria)
Eye-catching: Gaudi architecture in Comillas (CREDIT: Turismo Comillas)

“Its beautiful beach is also a great pull, attracting thousands of tourists to the town every summer.” 

Comillas beach is loved by Spaniards and is considered to have excellent conditions for swimming, sailing and windsurfing. 

The resort is also ‘away from crowds’ and has the stunning Oyambre Natural park nearby. 

Visitors can also delve deep into the Altamira Caves, which are filled with pre-historic cave art.

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