This little-known town on Spain’s Costa Blanca is ‘Europe’s Best Hidden Gem’ – according to travel experts

A TOWN just a few kilometres south of bustling Benidorm has been given the title of ‘Best Hidden Gem in Europe 2024’ by the European Best Destinations website.

The honour goes to Villajoyosa and there’s another Valencian region location – Ares del Maestrat in Castillon province – behind it in second place.

Villajoyosa is on Alicante province’s Costa Blanca with its famous colourful building walls blending in with the golden sands of the beach.


The different house colours came about because fishermen quickly wanted to find their homes after a long stretch at sea.

“This town in Alicante is exactly what we would like it to be,” according to Conde Nast Traveler in 2019.

Villajoyosa translates into English as ‘happy town’ and has over a dozen beaches and coves along its coast.

They include the longest beach- Playa Centro- and two of the most popular- Playa del Torres and Playa de la Caleta.


There’s plenty for diners to enjoy with restaurants serving rice dishes including the famous Valencia paella.

Also on the menu are fresh fish, all types of seafood, and local cured meats.

The town is also famous around Spain for the Valor chocolate factory.


There’s a long background of making chocolate in Villajoyosa dating back to 17th century, using cocoa shipped in from the Americas.

The 1810 census first listed a chocolate-maker operating in the town, which these days has a Valor museum for all chocolate lovers of all age.

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