This new high-protein chocolate dessert from Carrefour is being praised by health experts in Spain – this is why

GOOD news for chocolate lovers in Spain: a high-protein pudding is now available in popular supermarket Carrefour, and it has been praised by health experts.

“If you like to finish your meals with something sweet, let me show you one of my favourite options,” explains nutrition expert Jesus Buenavida on his Instagram account, @fitfoodmania.

“It is this protein-packed chocolate-flavoured dessert from Valio,” says Buenavida in his video post. “It has 20g of protein per serving and its main ingredients are semi-skimmed milk, milk protein and fat-free cocoa.”

The name of the product is Valio – Profeel Protein Pudding. It’s made with cocoa, is low in fat and high in protein, and is not just available in Carrefour but also in popular supermarkets such as Dia, Alcampo and El Corte Ingles.

According to Buenavida, it also has lactasa instead of lactose, meaning that it is suitable for the lactose-intolerant, and it is also free of added sugar.

But the real attraction of Valio is its high protein content, which, at 13g per 100g, even exceeds that of an egg. 

Each cup of Valio contains 20g of protein, in fact, and is ideal for anyone who wants to increase their protein intake while enjoying something tasty, according to Buenavida. 

At the same time, the dessert is low in fat and calories, so is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight or follow a healthy lifestyle. 

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