This traditional town in inland Andalucia has the most bars per capita in Spain: Locals ‘live to eat and drink’ and enjoy ‘low prices, healthy portions and quality’

DISCOVER the Andalucian town with the ‘most bars per capita’ in all of Spain where locals ‘live to eat and drink’. 

Photo: Ayuntamiento de Enix/Facebook, kazuend on Unsplash

The mayor of a small Almerian pueblo has named his town home to the ‘most bars per capita’ after copying a previous study by Coca-Cola. 

The research, known as ‘Blessed Bars in Data’ was released by the beverage giant in 2022 in partnership with the Spanish Hotelier Federation (FEHR). 

It named Sallent de Gallego, Huesca, the town with the most bars per person, with some 15.7 per 1000 inhabitants. 

Now, Enix, a town of just 554 inhabitants found in the Sierra de Gador, has set out to usurp Huesca’s title. 

Speaking to Spanish news agency, EFE, Enix mayor Alvaro Izquierdo said: “If we extrapolate the number of restaurants and bars that are active here, in proportion with the number of inhabitants, according to the study done by Coca-Cola, the numbers place us above Sallent de Gallego.”

Jokingly, the mayor added that Enix residents love ‘eating and drinking’ and ‘if we’re not the first, we’ll still be near the top of the list.’

The picturesque town is home to traditional white washed houses and surrounded by hiking routes, making it a popular rural escape during the summer. 

This has led to the number of bars and restaurants ‘shooting up’ in the town. 

Many restuarants take advantage of the number of tourists, offering traditional dishes like rabbit, ajoblanco and grilled meat. 

Enix is also very purse friendly, claims the mayor. 

“In Enix, you can eat very well, the prices and quantities are good”, he said. 


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