THIS will be the winning number in Spain’s famous El Gordo lottery this year – according to AI

SPAIN’S massive Christmas Lottery(El Gordo) will keep everybody on the edge of their seats this Friday morning to see who has scooped a big life-changing prize, with the numbers sung as always by Madrid schoolchildren.

Modern technology through artificial intelligence(AI) however says its ‘game over’ by coming up with the winning numbers.

ChatGPT has projected the winning combination as 03695 but also supplied 02695 – with both already sold out.

For the record, 03695 was assigned to Elche in Alicante province, with 02695 spread around Borja in Zaragoza and Benetusser in Valencia province.

Once the AI made its choices, the decimos or tenths were sold out within hours.

Economic analyst and communicator, Marc Vidal, said: “The combinations are based on all of the previous numbers that have come out and then they have been given values on what circumstances have an impact on whether or not the prize has a higher value with certain numbers.”

”It doesn’t interfere with whether one thing or the other is more likely because chance is like that,” he continued.

In addition, Vidal added that the fact that the AI has chosen two such low numbers ‘means that it has used the lowest part as well, that is, those numbers that do not usually come out as much’.

“AI is not made for this. It simply uses statistics,” warned Vidal.

“However, there are those who argue that statistics also play a role in chance, that is, that chance itself has a statistical value and that’s why sometimes there’s more chance that one number will come up than another or one thing than another,” he concluded.

Ivan Ramírez, editor of tech magazine Xataka said there is no ‘magic formula’ and even looking at the history of lucky numbers ‘doesn’t guarantee anything.


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