Three Brits and a Polish lorry driver are arrested for ‘huge marijuana smuggling ring operating between Spain and Britain’

THREE British men have been arrested by the Policia Nacional in Alicante province for allegedly shipping ‘huge’ quantities of marijuana to the United Kingdom.

A Polish lorry driver has also been detained.

The gang operated from a warehouse on a Quesada industrial estate and 114 kilos of marijuana was seized- set for transportation to the UK.



Police seized fake identity papers used to open bank accounts,12 mobile phones, and a frequency jammer.

The four men-aged 36 and 40- were put before an Orihuela judge.

Operation Meneroka was launched after Quesada business owners and neighbourhood groups tipped police off about a suspicious gang on an industrial estate.

The Policia Nacional launched surveillance on the warehouse and also a home in Villamartin where the Brits lived.

Investigators learnt of an imminent shipment from Quesada to the UK, with the gang loading up 114 vacuum-packed bags- each containing a kilo of marijuana- which were hidden inside bags containing pellets.

The pellet packaging was opaque to avoid obvious detection of the drugs.

Two British men and the Polish truck driver were arrested at the warehouse, with a third British arrest at Villamartin.

It’s not known whether the men have been bailed and authorities have not said how long the illegal shipments have been going on for.

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