Three men arrested in connection to grisly murder in Spain’s Catalunya

THREE men have been arrested after police connected a missing body part discovered inside a car with the body of a man uncovered in the Ebro river. 

The corpse, which had a missing hand, was found close to Sant Jaume d’Enveja in Catalunya on Saturday 21 but officers had no clues as to who was responsible for the grisly murder. 

But when cops in Tarragona alerted detectives that a hand had been recovered from a trunk of a car, officers were quickly able to link the two gruesome discoveries. 

During the early morning hours of Thursday, August 19, a patrol from the Urban Guard stopped a car that was travelling through Tarragona. 

The two occupants had numerous offenses attached to their vehicle and the police decided to conduct a search. 

Against all odds, officers found a human hand in the trunk and the two men were arrested. 

Police launched a murder probe and sent officers to the home of the two suspects, where they uncovered traces of blood in the Tarragona chalet. 

A third man was then arrested in connection to the murder. 

Police believe that the sick trio killed the male victim at their chalet in Tarragona and drove his lifeless corpse to the riverside in their car.

In their haste to get rid of the body, the murderers forget to dispose of the man’s hand when they threw their victim’s lifeless body into the Ebro river. 

All three detainees will appear in the Superior Court of Justice of Catalunya (TSJC) on Monday.

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