Three men use knife and terrace chairs as street fighting weapons on Spain’s Costa Blanca

THREE men involved in a brutal Alicante street fight have been arrested by the Policia Nacional.

All three needed stitches at Alicante General Hospital following the brawl which included terrace chairs thrown around and knife stabbings.

The street fight happened in the Plaza de Quijano in the ‘Old Town’ area of the city.

The showdown involved two of the men arguing with a third individual to settle some scores from a previous disagreement.

They were aged between 18 and 22 years.

A verbal row escalated into physical violence as bar terrace chairs were grabbed and used as weapons to hit each other.

Punches and headbutts were also exchanged before a knife was produced with two of the men stabbed.

The trio were charged with mutually aggressive rioting.


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