Three people injured after suicidal man ignites gas cylinder in Spain’s Valencia

THREE people were injured on Friday after a butano gas cylinder explosion in Godelleta, Valencia Province.

The cannister was set off by a man suffering from depression, who suffered serious burns but was not said to be in danger.

He and the other two people- who received minor burns- were taken to Valencia’s La Fe Hospital.

Butano Blast

The blast happened in the Calle Diamante single-storey property at around 1.40 pm.

The man contacted his former partner- a 42-year-old woman- to say he was suffering from serious depression.

She went to his home along with a 64-year-old friend to try to stop him doing anything stupid.

Just as the visitors were about to enter, the man pulled off the plug of the butano cylinder which exploded.

Fortunately the force of the blast went directly upwards through the roof, limiting the harm it caused to the man who would almost certainly have died.


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