Three teenagers dead after car plunges down 30-metre ravine and explodes in Spain’s Catalunya

THREE teenagers died on Sunday after a car plunged 30 metres down a ravine and caught fire in Tarragona province.

Three boys aged 15 and 13 were killed after the vehicle exploded and went up in flames.

The 19-year-old driver suffered severe burns but managed to escape, and is in a critical condition at La Vall d’Hebro Hospital.

The group- all members of a Carnales football club- were travelling to Pinell de Brai to watch a soccer match.

Carnales mayor, Ramon Brull, said: “This is a massive shock as we’re a very small municipality, with 3,400 inhabitants and we’re practically all related.”

“It’s hard for me to talk because they’re my neighbours and I knew them as babies,” the mayor added.

The accident happened on the TV-3022 road at El Perrello shortly before 4.00 pm.

Fire crews faced the gruesome sight of two charred bodies and a dead youngster who was trapped underneath the car.

Police are investigating what caused the vehicle to leave the road.

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