TikTok influencer is denied entry into a major tourist attraction in southern Spain ‘because of her tattoos and outfit’

AN ONLINE influencer called Gigi (@gigi_abeleira) has taken to her TikTok account to complain that she was refused entry to the cathedral in the southern Spanish city of Sevilla, according to her because of what she was wearing and her tattoos. 

The Argentine content-creator explained in her video – titled “I just wanted to send my grandma photos of the cathedral” – that she was visiting Sevilla as a tourist with her father, when the security staff refused her entry. 

“They didn’t let me into the church, they said that I couldn’t go in like that, that I needed to cover up,” she explained, still wearing the small black top that had apparently not met the approval of the staff, and clearly covered in tattoos and piercings. 

As she pointed out, however, the temperature in Seville was 39ºC, and what’s more, she saw another girl with a similar outfit allowed to enter. 

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“You could see half of her ass and she had the same top but white, and with no tattoos,” Gigi added. 

The video posted by the influencer, who has pages on TikTok, Instagram and OnlyFans, has had more than 81,000 views and has attracted thousands of likes and dozens of comments. 

“Strictly speaking you have to be wearing clothes that cover your shoulders and knees, and shoes that cover your feet to enter all of the Catholic churches in Europe,” wrote one user named Julio. 

Not all of the comments were so serious, however. According to another user called Ruben, they didn’t let the influencer in ‘because you could get stuck to the magnet they have at the door’. 

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