Tinder trials: Lisa Burgess takes a look at the perils of online dating

I have so many friends currently on dating sites with some hilarious results.

One close male friend was on Tinder and met a woman who had a super attractive picture of her face. They were going out for drinks and as she entered the room he realized she was four foot nothing. He wasn’t phased by it but he is nearly six feet tall. As she sat on the barstool her first comment was “I like taller men than you”. You couldn’t make it up.

Another acquaintance went on every single dating site and created a spreadsheet to track how at least thirty men were faring. She eventually found her man and they are now happily married – she certainly put the work in.

Most of my friends have had good luck on dating sites but one particular friend has become a Tinder specialist and she is still looking for love after a few years. You need to spot the red flags right away.

The first glaring flag is someone who barely fills out their profile or when they first contact you they use raunchy pick-up lines. Avoid anyone who rambles on about their ex or says they love you within days of meeting online. 

Beware of an online match who asks you for money or is controlling, mysterious or demanding. Celebrities don’t have it easy either – Sharon Stone went on a dating site once and the site removed her thinking it was a fake profile!

Whatever you do make sure you eventually meet in a public place so you can make a quick exit when needed or not. Many people are too scared to go online but what have you got to lose? It has been fantastic for so many people I know and there is no stigma attached to it anymore. Bite the bullet and put yourself out there because you never know what could happen.


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