Top of the Taps – Where is the best tap water in Spain found?

LIVE in  San Sebastian? Lucky … you have the best tap water in all of Spain. 

Data sourced by the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU)  shows the city in the north of Spain is of the best quality, with low mineralisation and close to zero contamination.  

Burgos and Las Palmas also ranked highly while Palma de Mallorca, Huelva, Barcelona and Ciudad Real were considered the worst in the study that investigated taste and economic efficiency. 

The findings revealed good tap water could rival bottled water, but that the quality of tap water depends on many factors.

OCU were looking for purity of the water, including the low presence of lime and copper. 

OCU carried out research on the water across 60 municipalities, of which they said 19 ‘excellent’ while in 36 the water is just ’good’. 


Spain’s tap water among Europe’s most DANGEROUS

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