Top speed camara in Malaga dishes out 130 fines per day

A SPEED camera in Malaga generates the highest number of fines in Andalucia, and fourth highest in Spain, according to the latest report from European Drivers Association (AEA).

The machine located on the A-7 at the height of El Palo dished-out 47,764 sanctions in 2022 for exceeding the 80 kilometres per hour limit on this stretch of road, a figure which represents a staggering 130.8 fines per day, and is without doubt one of the most profitable radars of the DGT in the national territory.

The second most active speed camera in the province of Malaga and the sixth nationally, is also located on the A-7, at kilometre 256.7 adjacent to the Shell petrol station in Rincón de la Victoria towards Malaga, dishing out 121.2 fines daily.

The third most ‘fined’ road in Malaga is located in Axarquia, in the Torrox tunnel, which caught 29,601 drivers (81 per day) of guard for exceeding 100 kilometres per hour.

According to the AEA there more than 1,000 that fixed speed cameras dotted around the country, of which 50 accumulated 28% of the 3,704,675 speeding offences recorded last year as many drivers continue to fall every day in these networks that suppose a minimum fine of €100 and that can reach up to €600 in very serious infractions.


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