‘Total blackout’ leaves Gibraltar without any power for over an hour

GIBRALTAR residents getting to work after the three-day long Christmas weekend were forced to rely on candles and natural light on Tuesday morning.

‘A total blackout’ that lasted over an hour in Gibraltar on Tuesday morning was blamed on a voltage drop at a distribution centre.

Electricity supply collapsed as from 7.24am on December 27 as experts scrambled to find out the cause.

“Engineers at the North Mole Power Station worked on getting all our plant systems ready and generating engines restarted to commence the restoration process,” Gibraltar’s government said in a statement.

By 8.44am all the Rock’s residents once again had power, the statement confirmed.

“Initial findings point towards a voltage drop on our high voltage network detected at our Mid Harbour distribution centre,” the government said.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

Gibraltar creates its own electricity at its gas-fired power station at North Mole.

It means that unlike a larger country like Spain, it does not enjoy a national grid that guarantees a steady flow of power.

This is at least the second power cut this year after the a similar blackout in the north of Gibraltar in mid-December.


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