Toxic bacteria is polluting several reservoirs in Alicante and Murcia areas of Spain

FIVE reservoirs in the Alicante and Murcia regions are suffering from pollution caused by increased levels of harmful algae.

The Segura Hydrographic Confederation(CHS) says algae such as cyanobacteria have been detected in reservoirs at Argos, Azud de Ojos, Judio and Santomera in Murcia.

High levels have also been recorded at Crevillente reservoir in Alicante Province.

Argos, Azud de Ojos, and Judio have the highest concentration of toxic bacteria caused by water polluted with nutrients, similar to the problems faced by the Mar Menor lagoon.

The CHS says the concentrations of harmful algae have become ‘more frequent and more intense over time’.

The CHS’s Water Quality head, Silvia Gomez, said: “The outbreak of cyanobacteria has been caused by a greater presence of nutrients in the water, combined with high temperatures and increased light and oxygen.”

The pollution source at the five reservoirs causing the algae increase has yet to be identified by the CHS.

“It is necessary to find the origins and know how we can stop this proliferation,” added Gomez.

The CHS is going to outsource the task of monitoring reservoir water quality in the Segura River Basin District.

The winning tender will have to monitor levels of nitrates, ammonium, nitrogen, sulphates, phosphates and phosphorus.


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