Train taggers given prison sentence and fines in Mallorca

TWO men aged 30 and 31 face jail sentences of two years for spray painting graffiti and ‘tags’ on a train in Marratxi.

The duo were caught red handed in 2019 on CCTV as they vandalised the carriages  at the Es Figueral station, with their trial due to start in the coming days.

As well as the jail term, prosecutors are asking for them to be fined a total of €5,400 as well as being ordered to compensate train operator SFM €1,634 in damages.

Earlier this year three people in Mallorca were arrested as part of an investigation involving Interpol into ‘graffiti tourists’.

The culprits are alleged to have travelled from their home regions in Spain and other European countries specifically to vandalise trains, posting videos of their actions to social media sites.

In total 14 people were arrested across in connection with 98 spray paint vandalism cases in Mallorca and other regions of Spain.

The damage cost €421,966 to clean up.


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