TRAVEL: 12 beautiful places to see the autumn colours in Spain

Now that it’s officially autumn, what better way to welcome the season than a trip to see some of Spain’s most beautiful autumnal locations.

Here are twelve places in Spain to see gorgeous autumn colours:

  1. Take a trip up north to visit the Basque Country and walk around Gorbea Natural Park. The Otzarreta Forest found here is a particularly lovely spot to see scarlet leaves at this time of year.
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Image – Flickr Creative Commons
  1. Madrid’s famous Retiro Park is a wonderful place to take a walk and soak in the autumn sights or enjoy a mellow paddle around the lake on a boat. 
640px Autum In El Retiro
Image – Wikimedia Commons
  1. Stop by Spain’s famous wine-making region of La Rioja in the north to catch a glimpse at the beautiful orange leaves throughout their vineyard’s and take a sip of some delicious vino.
Viñas Junto Al Ebro En El Cortijo, La Rioja
Image – Wikimedia Commons
  1. The mountains of Avila in central western Spain, are home to Castañar de el Tiemblo. Visitors can enjoy beautiful walks and picnics amongst the multi-coloured foliage. 
640px Camino En El Castañar De El Tiemblo
Image – Wikimedia Commons
  1. The Montseny Natural Park in Catalonia is located in northeastern Spain and is just an hour outside Barcelona. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 1978 due to its rich ecology and holds the title of the oldest natural park in Catalonia. Home to plant communities from 3 different European biomes, this is a unique destination.
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Image – Flickr Creative Commons -©Xavi
  1. The Sierra de aracena natural park found in andalusia is a protected area in the Sierra de Aracena range, explore the forest and walk upon the magical carpet of red and orange leaves below your feet. 
640px Sierrearacena
Image – Wikimedia Commons
  1. The city of Huesca is home to much of the Aragonese Pyrenees here, people can come upon the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. Home to a plethora of trees with amber foliage and lots of wildlife such as boar, alpine marmots, golden eagles and bearded vultures
640px Arazas River Fall, Ordesa Y Monte Perdido National Park, Spain
Image – Wikimedia Commons
  1. In Jaen, visit Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Nature Reserve, this is the largest protected area in Spain and was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1983, it is also a great space for bird-watching as it was named a Special Protection Area for migratory birds in 1988. There are also some spectacular limestone rock formations to see at Los Anguijones Caves too.
Interior Cueva Sanguijones
Image – ©F.J.García Mariana – Wikimedia Commons
  1. North-western las medulas is a delightful mix of history as well as beautiful autumnal forest. It has been listed by UNESCO as a World heritage site and was the most important gold mine, as well as the largest open-pit gold mine, in the entire Roman Empire. Nestled between Galicia and Castilla y Leon, this site is not to be missed. 
Panorámica De Las Médulas
Image – Wikimedia Commons
  1. Delve into Extremadura to happen upon the Jerte Valley which is found in the Garganta de los Infiernos. This destination that is well-known for its spring cherry blossoms is even more spectacular in the autumn. Chestnut trees turn yellow, oak trees turn ochre, and the cherry trees become a gradient of yellow to red.
Landscape 4928265 1920
Image – Flickr Creative Commons
  1.  The Irati Forest in Navarre, and its autumn leaves offers a varied flora and fauna. The woodland is a habitat for many different birds  including ; goldcrests, chaffinches, robins, black woodpeckers, and white-backed woodpeckers. 
640px Selva De Irati.navarra. (10562876413)
Image – Wikimedia Commons
  1.  Finally in Asturias, the Muniellos forest which is known as the best-preserved common oak forest in Spain turns a wonderful autumnal hue at this time of year. For those wanting to see some amazing animals, Cantabrian brown bears can be spotted here too.
Muniellos Panoramio (7)
Image – Wikimedia Commons


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