Travel trend sees agencies choose a destination for you before revealing it 48 hours before departure – but could YOU handle the surprise?

DO you love a worry-free holiday? This trend has taken it to the extreme with travellers not even knowing where they are going until 48 hours before departure. 

Most people say they go on holiday so they can ‘let it all go’, but most of the time, they’re referring to sinking pints in a sunlounger without having to worry about tomorrow’s hangover. 

But now, a growing travel trend sees holiday makers give up all planning and control of their vacations, opting for a ‘mystery holiday’. 

Travellers only have to choose the date and what to pack, the rest is up to their travel agent. 

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You could be sent to Amsterdam on a Drumwit holiday.
Photo: Drumwit

While Wowcher’s £99 mystery holidays have gone viral in the UK, Drumwit is bringing the trend to Spain. 

According to founder, Alex Juan Mehlert, not knowing where you are going until 48 hours before your holiday ‘wakes up your intrigue’. 

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Other Drumwit users have been sent to Paris.
Photo: Cordon Press

“We have a reservation team full of well-seasoned travellers. 

“They book based on the dates and what the client wants just 48 hours before the destination is revealed.”

Planners beware, this travel style is for the ‘flexible’ and ‘open minded.’ 

Drumit is not the only company in Spain offering surprise getaways, but most of the time they include everything you could need such as your flights and hotel. 

So far the company has sent happy travellers all over Europe from Budapest to Berlin.

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