Twitter hate page predicted horror machete attack in Algeciras with mystery tweet

Security forces are investigating an Algeciras hate page on twitter after it published a tweet which pre-empted the horrific machete that occurred in the city hours later. 

The tweet was published on the Algeciras hate acc Twitter account (@Algecirasmierda) on Tuesday at 1.07pm, where the author anticipated the horrible events that were to follow 24 hours later. 

“I think I’m going to go to the upper square and I’m going to hit someone with a machete, what do you think fellow Internet users?” the post read.

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The tweet that is causing a stir on Twitter.

Other Twitter users tagged Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil in the comments section, concerned about the threatening tweet. 

In the last three hours, the account – yet to be suspended – has continued to publish tweets.

Another tweet responded to its original post saying: “Honestly it seems surprising to me that the site, weapon and date coincided more or less”.

Another tweet quipped: “I don’t know I hope that tomorrow €20 will fall to a person from Algeciras and I will find it”. 

One person died and at least one other injured after a man wielding a machete carried out attacks at two churches in the port city in the Cadiz province about 7pm on Wednesday night.  

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A screenshot of a video showing the alleged attacker with the machete in hand walking from the scene.

According to the interior ministry the suspect first entered the church of San Isidro in Algeciras where the priest was attacked and seriously injured.

The alleged attacker – a 25-year-old Moroccan according to other Spanish media reports – then stormed a second church where a verger was stabbed to death.  

Police disarmed and arrested the suspect shortly after.


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