Two British men ‘rape young man they met on Grindr’: Victim needed stitches after brutal attack at Mallorca hotel

TWO BRITISH men, both aged 36, have been arrested in Mallorca after raping another British male they’d agreed to meet for a threesome.

The two tourists have been charged with serious sexual assault at an unnamed Cales de Mallorca hotel on Friday.

The victim-also on holiday- went to hospital in Manacor where he required stitches after suffering a large tear during penetrative sex which he said he did not consent to.

The two assailants were in their hotel room and used the gay dating Grindr app to look for a third man to join them for some consensual sex.

The young Brit hooked up with them via the app but made it clear that he just wanted kissing and hugging, rather than anything ‘heavier’.

The three Brits apparently spent several hours at the hotel swimming pool- enjoying the facilities and having some drinks.

At which point, the two residents invited their guest to go up to their bedroom with them.

The young victim agreed but reiterated his sexual limits but the subsequent kissing and hugging turned into something more serious.

The man fled and discovered when he was back in his accommodation that he was suffering from rectal bleeding and amidst a lot of pain, he went to Manacor hospital for treatment.

Details were passed onto the Policia Nacional who took a statement from the victim, and then arrested the two Brits for sexual assault at their hotel on Saturday.

They appeared before a court and were bailed.

The British victim showed police screenshots from Grindr of messages sent to the men where he made himself clear about the ground rules for any sexual encounter.


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