Two British pensioners’ Mallorca holiday nightmare as they are put on the wrong plane despite FIVE ticket checks

TWO elderly Brits going on holiday to Mallorca suffered a nightmare when they were put on the wrong plane by Jet2 thanks to a ‘catalogue of disasters’.

Linda Trestrail, 69, and Wendy Russell, 71, who suffers from health issues and uses a wheelchair, only realised the mistake when the pilot announced they had landed in Menorca.

Despite undergoing five ticket checks at Bristol Airport, including showing them to the luggage desk, security, a gate desk person, and a ground crew member on the bus – who even did a head count – they ended up on the wrong plane.

By an incredible coincidence, just three seats on the Menorca flight were unoccupied, and Linda and Wendy’s tickets for the Mallorca flight just happened to be those ones.

“The reason we booked Mallorca is because of the short flight, we knew our mobility wasn’t good so didn’t want to do much travelling – we are disabled pensioners.” Linda told the Daily Mirror.

Bizarrely, the women’s luggage correctly made it to Mallorca, leaving them without essential items, including medication. 

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Jet2 has apologised and blamed ‘human error’ for placing two elderly Brits on a plane to Menorca instead of Mallorca

“I had my injection in my suitcase – our families were so worried. Our luggage was on the right plane as it took off with two bags without the passengers – that’s so concerning,” Wendy said.

Their journey, which should have taken five hours, ended up being a gruelling 17-hour saga, causing them considerable discomfort and swelling in their legs and feet.

They had to wait several hours at the airport – with the CEO of JET2, Steve Heapy, ‘going mental’ according to Linda – before being flown to their original destination on an internal flight.

When they finally got to their hotel room in Mallorca, they said they were in ‘such an awful state.’

Jet2 has since apologised for the incident, attributing it to ‘human error’ and partially blaming the special assistance provider at Bristol Airport. 

They are now seeking compensation for their ‘ruined’ holiday, already having rejected one offer of a ‘free excursion’ by the carrier as they ‘cannot even walk.’


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