Two Gibraltar robbers who ‘viciously’ kicked a man so hard they left boot marks on his face will spend years in prison

TWO local men who left their boot prints on another man’s face in Gibraltar’s Queensway will spend years rotting in prison after someone caught the robbery on camera.

Aaron Santos, 34, of Laguna Estate and a juvenile at the time, lashed out in what police called an ‘unprovoked and random attack’ on Boxing Day last year.

The court heard how at about 6.30am on December 26 2022, a man was walking south along Queensway by Ocean Heights.

A man and a juvenile who were riding by got off their motorbike and just started to beat him for no apparent reason.

“The two men punched and kicked the victim multiple times, leaving bruises and swelling all over the man’s body,” the Royal Gibraltar Police said in a statement.

“The assault was so severe that a boot print was left on the victim’s face.”
“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you here,” shouted the juvenile as they kicked him.

Santos then took his mobile phone and the pair left the scene on their bike.

The man struggled to his feet and walked home.

He later went to the police station and the hospital, kicking off the investigation.

Officers soon detained the two suspects and they later pleaded guilty to the charge of robbery.

The court then sentenced Santos to four years and eight months prison and his young accomplice to 16 months behind bars.


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