Two girls given refuge after suffering domestic abuse and threat of arranged marriage in Spain’s Valencia

FIVE people have been arrested by the Guardia Civil after two girls told their school counsellor they were scared to return to their Valencia area home because they were being mistreated.

One of the teenagers said she was being sent to Bulgaria for an arranged marriage which she did not want.

They told a counsellor at a Hoyal de Buñol region school that they planned to run away from home because of what was happening.



He then contacted the Guardia Civil who arrested three women and two men aged between 20 and 44.

They have been charged with domestic abuse and setting up a forced marriage.

The two victims said they lived in unhealthy conditions, were starving and were forced to do household chores.

They also had to look after small children and fetch water every day, as the house lacked water and electricity.

The girls also had no warm clothes and were subjected to constant insults and aggression from their parents.

The Guardia Civil and Social Services were able to find other accommodation for the youngsters, with the Valencia Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office ensuring their admission to a secure centre for their protection.

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