Two men and a girlfriend arrested for kidnapping and torture over missing drugs and weapon stash in Spain’s Malaga

Three people have been arrested for kidnapping and torturing two men for four hours over a missing stash of drugs and weapons.

The two victims were released by their own captors after paying a ransom of cars in exchange for 27 kilos of hashish, an AK-47 and other weapons that the kidnappers accused them of stealing.

Two men and a woman between the ages of 25 and 39 have been charged with a variety of kidnap, drugs and weapons charges, while 6 and a half kilograms of hashish, a revolver and sawed-off shotgun were recovered.

Upon their release, the victims went to the police station the following day and reported their ordeal on a farm in Alhaurín de la Torre in the province of Malaga to police.

They explained how their two captors, with the aid of one of their girlfriends, lured them to the farm, threatened them with guns and beat them up. 

Eventually, they negotiated to compensate their attackers by handing over a number of vehicles to secure their release.


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