Two military bases in southern Spain will receive Afghan refugees who worked for US government

SPAIN’S Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has struck an agreement with President Joe Biden to allow two military bases in southern Spain to receive Afghan refugees who worked for the US government before their transfer elsewhere.

American bases in Moron de la Frontera near Sevilla and Rota in Cadiz will host those evacuated from Kabul it was agreed.

The details of the deal was thrashed out in a 25 minute telephone call between the two leaders on Saturday evening.

“I have just had a meaningful conversation with President Joe Biden in which we have addressed several topics of common interest, particularly the situation in Afghanistan and the collaboration between our governments in the evacuation of citizens from that country,” the Spanish leader tweeted following the meeting.

Spain is already the site of an ‘EU hub’ with a temporary camp set up at the Torrejon de Ardoz air base outside Madrid for the arrival of those fleeing the Taliban.

Several plane loads of Afghans who worked for European Union organisations have already been welcomed there where they will stay before being relocated across EU states to seek asylum.

Now the two bases in the south of Spain will also be adapted to serve the same purpose and receive planes arranged by the US military.

“Pedro Sánchez and Joe Biden agreed the use of the bases of Morón and Rota to host Afghans who worked with the US while in transit to other countries,” the Spanish government said in a statement released on Sunday.

Both leaders agreed ‘on the need for the international community to act in a co-ordinated and supportive manner, especially to facilitate evacuation and repatriation operations’.


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