Two senior civil servants in Murcia town hall allegedly sign off over €90k for themselves in overtime pay

A PAIR of civil servants in Murcia City Council’s decentralisation department managed to trouser over €90,000 in overtime pay between them.

One of the workers received a single payout of over €30,000 in one wage slip, with a further €20,000 spread out through several payments over two years.

Further eyebrows were raised when it emerged that, in some cases, the civil servants themselves, who occupied senior positions, drew up the reports used to justify their hefty payouts.

The figures have caused shock among public servants in the city hall, as it accounts for nearly 20% of the €500,000 allocated to pay all their salaries.

Council authorities have explained that these overtime payments stem from work performed over a period of almost two years, as overtime claims have a limited reimbursement period. 

According to municipal sources, the council paid approximately €4 million in overtime until May this year. 

Three million of this went to compensate firefighters, mainly drivers, who often work additional hours due to staffing shortages. 

Another half-million euros went to the local police force, with the remaining half-million allocated to other municipal employees.


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