Two-thirds of mass graves containing Franco era victims have been exhumed in Spain’s Valencia region

TWO-THIRDS of identified mass graves in the Valencian Community containing executed victims during General Franco’s regime have been exhumed.

Figures published on a new regional Democratic Memory website show that 2,166 bodies have been recovered during the programme instigated by the national government.

Valencian Democratic Quality minister, Rosa Perez Garijo, said: “We have advanced a lot and we want to achieve a region free of these mass graves.”

80% of the graves in Alicante Province have been exhumed, with 61% in Valencia and 75% in Castellon.

The 2023 regional exhumation plan will try to locate 421 additional victims in 49 plots at cemeteries in Alicante, Castellon, and Paterna.

Perez Garijo added that she expected work to conclude in Castellon Province this year.

The new Valencia Democratic Memory website outlines all the work that has been going on and future plans.

It includes a map of all the mass graves and a section on the exhumations that have been carried out.

The remains of 225 of the 2,166 victims have been identified, and a further 373 are pending identification.

The web portal includes a victim search engine, information on stolen babies and minors, the identification of victims and how to access the DNA bank.


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