UK government confirms compenation for victims of terror attack in Spain’s Murcia

THE victims of a terror attack where an islamist smashed his car onto a busy expat bar’s terrace, killing one and injuring several, are in line for compensation.

A UK government spokesman has confirmed that the Foreign Office has declared the September 2021 incident in Torre Pacheco (Murcia) as a terrorist incident.

The aftermath of the incident in which two people died. Photo: Twitter

As such the British victims and the families of the deceased can make claims to the UK government under the  Victims of Overseas Terrorism Compensation Scheme.

In the incident the driver, Abdellah Gmara, a Spanish citizen of Moroccan origin, also died. He had first stabbed himself in the chest then sped onto the terrace of Honey’s Bar in Roldan, smashing through tables and chairs and scattering many of the mostly expat customers.

One man – who was sitting with his wife – was killed.

Gmara had used false papers to enter Spain when he was 13-years-old and was sent to a juvenile centre in 2012.

He became a Spanish citizen in 2020. His landlord described him as a man who hardly ever went out and spent most days on the internet.


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