UK minister for Europe congratulates Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo after election win

UK MINISTER for Europe Leo Docherty ‘formally congratulated’ Chief Minister of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo for his election victory as they get ready for more EU treaty talks.

Docherty confirmed ‘that he would continue to work closely with the Government of Gibraltar to deliver a safe and secure UK/EU treaty’, the Rock’s government said in a statement.

The government said the UK Minister for Europe would ‘at the same time continue to plan on matters relating to a possible No Negotiated Outcome’.

Picardo’s GSLP/Liberal Alliance won a nail-biting election against arch rivals GSD on October 12 that went to the wire.

Leo Docherty has held the post of Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Europe since September 2022.

The Scottish-born former soldier reiterated the Conservative party position on Gibraltar in his message.

“He also reaffirmed the UK Government’s steadfast and unshakeable commitment to Gibraltar on all matters and in particular in relation to sovereignty,” the government added.

Docherty visited Gibraltar on a fact-finding mission in October last year.

The re-elected Chief Minister thanked Docherty for his ‘kind words and support’ in the statement.

“The UK Government’s strong commitment to Gibraltar and the resolution of the UK/EU treaty is clear,” Picardo said.

“We will continue to work closely together on these matters and strengthen our already excellent working relationship.”

It followed the congratulations of Spain’s caretaker president Pedro Sanchez as he tries to form government in the next two weeks.

The Chief Minister told GBC the day he won the election: “The leader of the socialist labour party in Spain has congratulated the leader of the socialist labour party in Gibraltar on Friday morning.”

As soon as Spain forms a government at La Moncloa, talks are likely to resume toward an EU Treaty.


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