Ukrainian art exhibition on show in Spain’s Marbella

AN exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian art begins today in Marbella.

From July 8 to 10, the Wadström Tönnheim Gallery will be showcasing some of the best modern Ukrainian art.

The exhibition, called ‘Art for Freedom’, aims to support Ukrainian artists during the war, many of whom have fled the country.

Art Snip
Photo: Daria Mikityuk

The exhibition includes painting, graphic, photography and sculptures from 15 Ukrainian artists.

Some of the artists are currently living in occupied territory or in war-torn Kyiv.

Snip 2
Photo: Liliya Studnytska

Curator Svitlana Starostenko said: “There are many talented artists in Ukraine – promising and already well-known. It is quite natural that today’s works of our authors are a reflection of horrible, tragic events that should not have happened in the civilized world.”

The organisers said that works on show have been done by artists scattered all over Ukraine and the world.

Snip 3
Photo: Valeria Troubina

“Wherever Ukrainian artists are, none of them stop creating,” they said.

The event has been supported by Future for Ukraine – an international charitable foundation created by ten Ukrainian women to support victims of the war.

“We are glad to have the opportunity to cooperate with Spain, the homeland of many incredible artists,” Starostenko said.


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