Upcoming Malaga Film Festival set to dazzle with the best of Spanish cinema – and plenty on offer for the expat community

THE Costa del Sol is set to be transformed into the epicentre of Spanish and Ibero-American cinema cinema when the 27th Malaga Film Festival lands at the beginning of March.

This year’s festival, running from the 1st to the 10th of March 2024, is anticipated to eclipse last year’s record of nearly fifty Spanish feature films in its official sections??.

But while the majority of the festival caters to Spanish-speaking audiences, it will also foster connections between Malaga and the expatriate communities in Marbella, with events designed to bridge the language gap and bring together international and local talents.

These will include screenings, discussions, and networking opportunities in English and with translations. 

Among the potential highlights are the latest offerings from renowned directors like Julio Medem, Martínez Lazaro, and Isaki Lacuesta. 

Medem’s much-anticipated ‘Minotuaro, Picasso y las mujeres del Guernica’ is set to delve into Picasso’s relationship with his muses and the creation of his most influential work, featuring Pablo Derqui as Picasso and notable co-stars like Astrid Berges-Frisbey and Catalina Sopelana.

The Malaga Film Festival, which runs from the 1st to the 10th of March 2024, promises to showcase fifty Spanish feature films in its official sections??

Emilio Martinez Lazaro, previous winner at the fifth edition of the festival with ‘El otro lado de la cama,’ may return with another comedy, ‘Un hipster en la España vacía.’ 

This adaptation of Daniel Gascón’s comedy is expected to star Lalo Tenorio, Berta Vázquez, and Paco Leon.

Isaki Lacuesta, known for ‘Entre dos aguas,’ will present ‘Segundo premio,’ a story about the origins of the Granada band Los Planetas and the indie music scene of the 90s. 

Kike Maíllo’s ‘Disco, Ibiza, Locomía,’ featuring Jaime Lorente and Alberto Ammann, promises to revive the iconic fan-wielding band Locomía.

These are just a few of the many films vying for attention at the festival, with a mix of comedies, debut works, and movies from established directors. 

The Malaga Film Festival continues to be a vital platform for Spanish cinema, offering a unique blend of emerging talent and established names. 

With the definitive list of selected films to be completed shortly, the festival is set to be an essential destination for film lovers and industry professionals alike.


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