UPDATE: Volcano cone in Spain’s La Palma partially collapses triggering voluminous lava flows

THE cone of the Cumbre Vieja volcano partially collapsed yesterday, Sunday, sending massive pieces of rock tumbling downhill.

The volcanic activity intensified this Sunday evening with a notable increase in effusive activity in the eruption, as notified yesterday night, at 9pm (Spanish peninsular time), by INVOLVCAN.

The voluminous lava discharge continues to flow into the ocean and solidify.

So far, the long river of lava flowing into the sea has destroyed 946 buildings, cut off water to key agricultural areas, released toxic gases into the air, cut off vital parts of highways and roads and caused some 6,000 residents to be evacuated from their homes.

In addition it has added around 27 hectares of surface area to the Spanish island.

There are no reports of casualties caused by the volcanic eruption, but local authorities have said that the economic losses caused by the volcanic eruption exceeded €400 million.

Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez has vowed to help rebuild the island and has pledged €200million in aid which will go toward rebuilding infrastructure, water supply, employment, agriculture, and tourism.

“We are here to take on the enormous task of rebuilding La Palma and offer a horizon of prosperity, progress, and calm,” Sanchez told reporters during his third visit to the island since the eruption started two weeks ago.

The package is set to be approved on Tuesday and the money will be sent over as soon as possible.


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