Useless thieves who robbed a hotel in Spain are arrested after their getaway vehicle gets stuck in a sand dune

VALENCIA Policia Local officers rushed to help a car trapped in a sand dune on Playa El Saler, and discovered two thieves inside who had robbed a nearby hotel.

The men, 32 and 36, were asleep and appeared to have been drinking when they were roused from their slumbers.

Officers spotted a variety of objects on the back seat including several bedside lamps, an old printer, cases, and a black speaker.


CAR HOISTED BACK TO FIRM LAND(Valencia Policia image)

All of the objects had been ransacked from the Sidi Saler Hotel which was abandoned in 2011.

Equipment used in robberies including a blowtorch, a screwdriver, a hammer, and a torch were also discovered.

Police verified that the car had been used in various crimes in recent weeks across different towns in the L’Horta Sud region.

The 32-year-old driver was also found not to have a valid driving licence and further inquiries revealed that the car had been stolen.

It was lifted out of the sand and immobilised as the police tried to locate its owner.

A spate of thefts have been reported recently concerning the Sidi Saler Hotel and on one occasion, kitchen cutlery was taken and carried out in several boxes.

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