VIDEO: Firefighters battle through the night in Casares to extinguish another wildfire in hills above Spain’s Costa del Sol

A BLAZE that broke out in Casares in Spain’s Malaga province in the hills above Estepona has been brought under control by fire teams.

The wildfire started around 7.30pm on Wednesday evening in the area known as Monte del Duque in Casares for causes that have yet to be established.

Teams of firefighters battled through the night. Infoca said 81 specialist firefighters had been brought in to work alongside regular fire brigade crew while air support was provided by two water-carrying helicopters.

The blaze was declared “stabilized” by Andalucia’s specialist forest firefighting service Infoca on Thursday morning.

A small team would continue in the affected zone to ensure embers were completely extinguished.

The latest wildfire comes just weeks after one of the worst wildfires in recent times ravaged close to 10,000 hectares on nearby hillsides across the Sierra Bermeja.

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