Videogame Museum in Spain’s Malaga receives 11,000 visits in first month

THE OXO video game museum, a futuristic space with a retro touch, has received more than 11,000 visits in its first month of operation.

The city’s new gamer’s paradise—a joint venture between the provincial authority and private investors from the Kaiju Group, headed by brothers Javier and Miguel Ramos— is a unique space in Europe where the past, present and future of the video game industry converge.

OXO opened its doors to the public on January 27 in Malaga’s Plaza del Siglo and sees hundreds of families from Malaga flock to this video gaming mecca on a daily basis.

In fact, according to the president of the Málaga Provincial Council, Francisco Salado, the prognosis is that OXO will become the second most visited museum in the province, only behind Museo Picasso.

The 2,000-square-metre space exhibits early entertainment systems and the latest trends offering visitors an all-encompassing vision of the gaming world and positions the city of Malaga and the province on a new level in terms of tourism, culture, leisure and technology.

The museum, which has involved an investment of two million euros has four floors, with a rooftop restaurant.

Visitors are greeted with a 3D immersive experience on arrival, the only one of its kind in Andalucía, and the expected time spent in the museum is 90 minutes.

Adult tickets are €15, and €12 for children aged five to thirteen. They can be purchased online at


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