Vox wants casual sex crackown in Spain

BY Livia Cockerell

CASUAL sex and the ‘hypersexualisation’ of society is to blame for the the countries low birthrate, so says Juan Garcia-Gallardo, Vox’s deputy president of Castilla and Leon.

According to Garcia, Spain is in the midst of a ‘demographic winter’ and has ‘forgotten that the main purpose of sex is procreation’.

The 31-year-old claimed that adults are acting like teenagers who would rather have causal sex than be burdened with a child.

Rural Spain has experienced a sharp drop in population in recent decades. 

Over the past 20 years, the population of Zamora (a rural province in Castilla and Leon) has dropped by 30,000. 

However, there is no established link between casual sex and popualtion declines with lack of job opportunities, poor transport links, and a shortage of high speed internet in these more likely a factor in declining population in the countryside.

While a ban on causal sex seems highly unlikely, there have been measures in recent years to stem the flow of people leaving rural communities.

There is currently a government scheme in place that pays people to live in certain rural towns of Spain. 

Couples, for example, can receive a grant of €3,000 to relocate to the village of Ponga in Asturias, and receive an additional €3,000 for every child born there. 


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