WACKY MOMENT: Driverless bus careens into wall on one of Gibraltar’s steepest roads after handbrake fails

A DRIVERLESS bus crashed into a wall in Gibraltar after what reports claimed its handbrake failed.

Videos circulating on social media showed the bus rolling forward at the junction of Willis’s Road with Tank Ramp with no-one at the wheel.

Some people had originally tried to push it backwards after it got stuck on one of Gibraltar’s steepest roads, GBC reported.

But social media videos then caught the moment it crashed through bollards and hit the outer wall of the building.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon, the national broadcaster GBC reported.

Police said it did not have to close any roads during the incident and did not take any action against the absentee driver.

Gibraltar is famed for some of the steepest and narrowest roads in the area, often built years ago by Royal Engineers during military periods.

Bus drivers recently went on strike in Gibraltar to demand higher wages after claiming they work very long shifts.


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