Waitress in Spain’s A Coruña finds €4,000 pearl in plate of clams

NATALIA Freire had a ‘huge craving’ for a plate of clams when she went out to eat with her boyfriend. That hankering proved to be a very profitable one for the 22-year-old waitress, given that the first one she opened contained a valuable pearl.

‘Our kitchen makes them so well,’ she said about the dish, which she ordered in the very restaurant she works in A Coruña, in Spain’s Galicia region. 

‘So I came here with my boyfriend for dinner. He’s a shellfish gatherer and is sick of eating them. So I ordered a plate for myself. And as I work here they gave me extra!’ she told Spanish media outlets.

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Natalia Freire poses with the pearl she found in a clam. / Instagram

Given the purple colour of the pearl, Freire initially didn’t realise what it was, and it wasn’t until she’d finished her meal that she looked it up in Google. 

‘I’d heard about pearls in oysters, but not in clams,’ she said in comments reported in Spanish daily ABC. ‘I thought it was just oysters that produced them.’

The youngster had not, earlier this week, decided what to do with her find. But if she does opt to sell it, it could net her up to €4,000.

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