Want a long life in Spain? Eat these 4 foods from the age of 40 and upwards

A STUDY has revealed how four foods could help you live ten years longer.

Based in the UK, the study by Nature Food revealed that certain foods could lengthen your life and improve your overall health. 

The study showed that sustained dietary change from 40 onwards, based on the NHS’s Eatwell Guide, can help improve life expectancy by up to 10.8 years. 

Colourful fruit and vegetables 

Widely recognised as part of a healthy diet, fruit and veg contain essential antioxidants which can help fight infection and ageing. They are also a good source of fibre which improves digestive health. There is strong scientific evidence to suggest that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of many illnesses including cancer, heart disease and stroke. 

The Nature Food study also advised reducing intake of sugar-sweetened beverages, opting for drinks with naturally occurring sugar such as fruit smoothies instead. 

Whole grains

Going for whole grains instead of refined options can improve heart health and lead to a longer life. That’s because they contain lots of vitamins and minerals which can contribute to overall health as well as fibre which aids digestion. They also help to control cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease. 

Healthy fats

Although fat has been demonised in the past, the truth is we need healthy fats to have a full diet. Avocados, nuts and fish, help us to get essential fatty acids the body cannot produce itself and help in the absorption of vitamin A, D and E. 

Lean proteins

Eating protein sources such as pulses, fish and chicken can improve brain function, lower cholesterol and promote a higher metabolic rate. A high protein diet can also help keep you fuller for longer to avoid overeating. The study also recommended opting for less processed meats in order to live a longer life.


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