WANTED: Manhunt for two arsonists who poured petrol on forest and set it on fire in Spain’s Ibiza

POLICE have launched a manhunt to find two men who reportedly attempted to start a forest fire in Ibiza.

Policia Local say on Sunday morning, two individuals poured a significant amount of gasoline onto land in Sa Talaia de Sant Antoni.

They then proceeded to light a match which was thrown onto the fuel before fleeing from the scene in the direction of Cala Gracio.

Two hikers who witnessed the men’s actions immediately notified the police and bravely ran to the flames to put the fire out.

Thankfully firefighters were soon at the scene to put the blaze at bay.

Anyone with information is urged to call the police.

It comes weeks after the devastating Sierra Bermeja wildfire injured hundreds of animals, caused the death of a firefighter and saw more than 3,000 people evacuated from their homes.

The president of the Andalucia’s Junta, Juanma Moreno, has since called for harsher punishments on individuals that intentionally start fires which he said must be ‘a lot more severe than they have been thus far’.

From the outset, evidence had pointed to the fire being an intentional act, a belief that was echoed by the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office, the Guardia Civil’s Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) and the forestry division.

According to sources, piles of straw and pine cones were set on fire with an ignitable liquid, which was most likely petrol.

Additional findings confirmed the existence of several initial outbreaks that originated practically simultaneously and close to two points on a road with very little traffic.


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