Warning: If you have bought THESE brands of olive oil in Spain’s Andalucia then they may be tampered with and need throwing away

ANDALUCIA’S Ministry of Health has warned people not to use 12 branded olive oils that have been exposed as fake with nearly all of them packaged by regional companies

The recommendation comes after the Directorate-General for Public Health and Pharmaceutical Regulation became aware of the bogus products with labelling indicating ‘Extra virgin olive oil’ or ‘Mild olive oil’ but it actually consists of a mixture of other seed oils.

The advice comes after the Guardia Civil and Health Ministry inspectors raided a Sevilla province warehouse in Mairena del Alcor in edible oils were being packaged without having proper health registration and bottling was being carried out in unhygienic conditions. as found after the inspection.

The bogus products came from companies in Campillos y Almargen, Baena, Lucena, Los Rosales-Tocina, and Deifontes- all in Andalucia as well as a firm in the Murcia region.

Products, labels and documents were removed by the Guardia and the warehouse was sealed off.

Fake labelled products included the following brands: Carrero, extra virgin olive oil, and Esential, mild olive oil, packaged for Distribuciones Oleotop in Los Rosales-Tocina Sevilla.

Carro, extra virgin olive oil, branded from Murcia along with Aciencia, extra virgin olive oil bottled by Aceites Tarama in Baena and Agricultor del valle, extra virgin olive oil, and La Rama, mild-flavoured oil both packaged in Almargen.

Other brands processed in Almargen are Oleo L.U.X.E., extra virgin olive oil, and Oliv, mild olive oil.

There is also Scudo, extra virgin olive oil, bottled by Almazara la Ribera, Deifontes, Granada: a firm that has been company deregistered since March 2023.

Finally, brand warnings go to Tesoro de Oliva, extra virgin oil; Tierra de Arbequino, extra virgin olive oil; and Valle de Arbosana, extra virgin olive oil, all packaged by Hortelano Foods in Almargen.

The regional Health Ministry has pointed out that despite the fact that there is no evidence of any specific risk to consumers, in view of the alleged fraudulent activity, people are advised not to buy those branded oils.

If they have been purchased, they should be returned to where they were bought.


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