WATCH: Baggage handler in Spain goes viral for his adorable reaction to seeing a dog in a carrier

A RUSSIAN emigrant to Spain has taken to TikTok to share a heartwarming video of a baggage handler offloading her dog from the plane she was travelling. 

User Julia Air shared the 20-second clip on the video-sharing site, in which the pet carrier can be seen travelling down the conveyer belt off the aircraft, to be greeted with open arms by the ground staff worker. 

“I love the Spanish mentality with all my heart!” reads the text that accompanies the video on TikTok. 

Over the video itself, Julia wrote the message: “We left Russia because of the war. Look at the wonderful people who welcomed my dog at Madrid airport.”

“You can see that he loves his job and also loves animals,” wrote one TikTok user underneath the video. “His bosses should feel proud to have an operator like this man, I congratulate him.” 

The video has so far racked up 185,500 ‘likes’ on the site, as well as more than 1,745 comments.

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