WATCH: Bizarre moment woman walks a man on a leash as he crawls on all fours like a dog in Spain’s Valencia

A SURREAL video shows a woman walking a man through a Spanish city like a dog.

The streets of Valencia are full of surprises: enchanting bars, centuries old buildings and today, a man on a leash and collar.

The bizarre clip uploaded to TikTok shows a woman dressed entirely in skin tight black clothes being followed by a man on all fours. 

The man, dressed in a black tracksuit, humps a lamppost before lifting his leg as if to urinate on it. 

Just outside the Ruinas metro station, the woman stops and waits for the man to ‘finish’ before carrying on with their walk. 

It is believed the strange encounter could be an example of the sexual kink ‘pet play’, where people get sexual gratification from behaving, dressing and acting like our four legged friends. 


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