WATCH: Bouncers give brutal beatdown to biker outside popular bar in Spain’s Mallorca: Gang ‘plotting revenge’

TENSIONS in Mallorca over the proliferation of biker gangs seem to be coming to a head after one member got a savage beating from a bar’s security personnel.

Shocking video shows four security personnel standing over a prone biker pushed up against an outer wall of a popular bar near Arenal beach.

One of the bouncers repeatedly beats the biker with an extendable baton, while another steams in and kicks him full in the face as bar stools fly.

According to local reports, the band of brawny bouncers had got into a brutal brawl with some of the senior members of the biker gang based in the area.

mallorca brawl bikers
The moment a bar security stands over a a dazed biker gang member and prepares to hit him again

An initial scuffle that started outside the establishment on Calle del Jamon quickly escalated and exploded into a full-on fist fight in the terrace area. 

The man in the video had to be taken to hospital for his injuries, while his biker-in-arms suffered a broken wrist.

Several luxury cars were also damaged in the clash.

The humiliating beatdown has reportedly triggered a strong ‘desire for revenge’, according to police sources investigating the ruckus. 

The sources close to the case said that police are looking into the potential use of prohibited weapons and extendable batons by the establishment’s security team. 

The bouncer team are facing possible criminal charges from the National Police’s Information Group.

Mallorca has faced a number of issues of recent years related to the presence of biker gangs on the island.

An infamous Hell’s Angels boss was acquitted on all charges of organised crime and drug trafficking between 2009 and 2013 in Mallorca last month.

The court in Madrid decided that it had not been proven that Frank Hanebuth, 59, and twelve other defendants formed a criminal enterprise.

However, 32 Hell’s Angels members did receive prison terms.

Meanwhile, another Hell’s Angels leader was finally extradited to Germany today after a previous attempt had had to be aborted.

The giant, two-metre 28-year-old had caused a ‘series of incidents’, despite being escorted by a number of burly police officers.


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