WATCH: Brave citizen pursues man who allegedly masturbated in front of children in Spain’s Andalucia 

A DRIVER has been praised after pursuing a man in Spain’s Andalucia who allegedly masturbated in front of minors. 

The Policia Nacional have opened an investigation after a driver filmed himself pursuing an alleged sex offender in Antequera. 

The driver claims the man exposed himself and masturbated in front of a group of girls. 

In the video published by @SocialDrive_es on Twitter, the man jumps in his car and begins to follow the alleged offender saying: “That’s the car. That’s the guy. 

“He touched his d*ck in front of kids, in front of girls. Now he’s running away from me.” 

The driver asks a female passenger to call the police on Andalucia’s emergency line, 112. 

He then lowers his window, honks at the fleeing man and shouts, ‘don’t go mate! don’t go!’. 

The video continues to show the man following the car, a Volkswagen hire vehicle, while he speaks to the police. 

In the dramatic footage, the passenger shouts ‘go after him, go after him!’ as the man swerves to keep up with the vehicle. 

The incident occurred at a sport’s centre in Antequera on Saturday, December 16, at around 14:45. 

The driver allegedly saw the man expose his genitals to a group of young girls and told him he was going to inform the police. 

The man reportedly fled immediately after being caught. 

Now, investigations have been launched by local and national police to clarify the incident. 

Officials are also trying to locate the man under suspicion of exhibitionism.


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