WATCH: British tourist claims he was savagely beaten by Guardia Civil officers in Spain who told him they ‘hate the English’

A BRITISH tourist has claimed he was placed in handcuffs and beaten by Guardia Civil officers during a holiday to Spain.

TikTok user Chris Kingswood (@chriskingswood85), shared his story on the social media app after seeing a video which warned people: “Don’t f**k with the police in Spain!”

Over two videos, Chris, 38, tells his more than 7,000 followers how he was on holiday with his friends in Magaluf when he was 18 years old.

He claimed he and nine others had headed to the famous party strip in the resort, and that a Guardia Civil patrol car almost hit him on a zebra crossing.

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Chris claimed he had to jump out of the way of vehicle before shouting : “F-ing hell, even the police won’t let you cross the road!”

He claimed two officers then jumped out of the car, with one screaming in his face: “You f***ing English, I f***ing hate you!”

Chris said he apologised profusely but within a couple of minutes the officers returned and placed him in cuffs before throwing him in the back of their car.

He then claims he was taken back to his hotel, where the officers, according to Chris, asked for a key to his hotel room.

Chris claimed that when the hotel staff said there were no spares, the two men ‘looked to see if anyone was around’ before punching and kneeing him in his body, before punching the back of his head.

He said he was left ‘shaken up’ by the ordeal and did not leave his hotel room for two days out of fear.

The Olive Press has contacted the Guardia Civil for comment.

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