WATCH: Candle factory goes up in flames in Spain’s Barcelona

FIREFIGHTERS battled to contain an enormous blaze that broke out at a Barcelona candle factory late Sunday evening and continued to burn throughout the night.  

The alarm was raised at half past midnight on Sunday night and 25 fire crews were sent to fight the burning inferno located in the Setmenat area of metropolitan Barcelona.  

The fire brigade deployed 17 water vehicles, a self-propelled vehicle and 7 light and command vehicles with the GROS Sanitary Support Operational Group.

There have been no reported casualties, but the fire caused the upper part of the candle factory building to collapse causing massive damage. 

The fire was fueled by the presence of several paraffin tanks and a diesel tank. By around 01.30am, the fire brigade had isolated the perimeter of the site, preventing the flames from spreading. 

Firefighters worked tirelessly to reduce the intensity of the flames throughout the night, and at 8.43 am, authorities reported that the fire was under control. They confirmed that specialists from the Collapsed Structures Group would be investigating.

On Monday morning, 15 fire crews continued to work on the blaze.


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