WATCH: Daredevil TikTok users climb atop disused factory in Spain forcing local police to ramp up security

SECURITY is set to be beefed up at an abandoned power station in Alcudia after daredevil TikTokkers scaled the decaying building, calling it ‘the best abandoned site in Mallorca’. 

The Alcanada power station has been decommissioned for over forty years. 

The now deleted video shows two young men exploring rusty control panels and staircases in various states of ruin. 

The TikTok garnered some 21,000 views before it was deleted. Photo: Carlosbarceloo_/TikTok

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In another video uploaded to the same account, the ‘urban explorers’ have climbed the building’s metal railings to ‘watch the sunset at an abandoned electricity plant’. 

The factory is currently being ‘decontaminated’ due to a ‘plague’ of asbestos at the site. 

It also needs to be ‘repaired’ in preparation to become the new headquarters of the Alcudia TechMar project. 

The project will see the Mallorca Electricity Museum established at the old factory. 

Now, the local government will install extra security measures, including security cameras, to protect the ‘point of cultural interest’. 


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